And a bah! humbug! to you and yours!

Thursday, December 24, 2009
Another year almost gone, another revolution around our star, another cold winter (I really don't like the cold!), and another mad shopping season (returns - the horrors!). For me its not really about the shopping (though hey, I won't turn down a present, feel free send all winning lotto tickets to me), the holiday parties (seriously, who *cares* whose cookies were better? either they're good enough to eat or hard enough to be used a weapons - both are cool), nor religion (I don't need converting, thanks). It should be about being glad of what you have, and sharing what you can with others. It should also be something celebrated 365 days a year, not for just a few days in December. Appreciate what you have every day you have it, because you never know when it may be taken away. And folks need help year round, not just during the holidays. Remember that.

Regardless of what one believes or doesn't believe, I think this sums up nicely what the holidays are all about. What they should be about, year round.
Out of the mouths of babes (even if written by an adult....)

Happy holidays whatever you celebrate (even if its just celebrating getting a long weekend!)