Giving to others can be a gift in itself...

Friday, December 17, 2010
I'd been dreading what to buy for the holidays.  I've been reading threads for gift ideas, and had considered some of the ideas listed, but still hadn't made up my mind. Should this person get this gift, or would that be better for someone else; oh no maybe this person doesn't like scented whats-its what will I do?? And on and on...

Until tonight. I happened to have 20/20 on while working on the computer, and they were doing a special called 'Be the Change' about health issues all over the world and how people were making a difference. Simple things, like inexpensive food supplements so a child doesn't die of malnutrition, or clean water to prevent water-borne illnesses.  Certainly not anything I wasn't aware of, and I've given to organizations before that help with these sorts of problems.

But as I sat there, it just sort of hit me. Here I am worried about whether I should buy someone a gizmo or a treat, when that money could literally save a life.  Such a little thing.  And its not like my widget or munchy would have made any difference; they'd just been ate or put in a cabinet, and forgotten about.  But this, this actually could make a difference.

So yeah, I know what they're getting this year. A card with a note, to let them know that a life, or lives, will be helped, even potentially saved, in their honor.  Seriously, can a gift get any better than that?

If you're looking for additional gifts, consider donating to an organization in someone's honor. Your small contribution really can make a HUGE difference.  Here's a few links to some great organizations with info about donating.

Be the Change Help save a life with basic needs like food and clean drinking water, birthing kits, and medicine.

Natural Resources Defense Council Help protect polar bears or wolves, even plant a tree or build a park.

Doctors Without Borders One of the most important organizations out there, your donation will help provide humanitarian health care to people in dire need in more than 60 countries.

House Rabbit Society Lastly an organization near and dear to my and my bunnies hearts. The House Rabbit Society helps with rabbit rescues and education world wide. Even if you can't adopt a bunny, you can still help one!