New poll and New treasury!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Started a new poll about store/item views when listing/renewing items on Etsy - available here on the top left of this blog, and open until April 20th!

Did another treasury, this time of wonderful space items! It's only open for a few more hours, but if you get the chance it can be seen here

A lot of great items, and it was hard to choose! Here's a pic of the items featured, including the 'alternate' choices.

Sellers featured and their items: 6timemomma (eclipse photo), bluedogrose (space bunny), bomobob (auroa photo), circularaccesories (astro tshirt), davidloong (rocket around saturn pendant), dote (cosmos cards), Finestra (orion nebula necklace), infinityart (space age pendant), lindsaybellejennings (astronaut walking dog print), margaretsWorld (moonscape ACEO), NorthStarJewelry (metorite necklace), Nyberg (sunset and space print), shaylamaddox (blue circle painting), spacemonkey (Uranus balm), spamberly (WWWSD magnet), uncorked (girl astronomer cork necklace)

All of these sellers can be found on Etsy simply by searching their username!