Newest member of the family!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
So as always things have been hectic and I haven't gotten to post as much as I intended to (really, I will get better about that - one of these days, lol). One of the more recent happenings has been a new member of my little family - meet Shelby!

Shelby was a rescue from our very own yard. Someone unfortunately dropped him off, and we decided to keep him. He's about a year, year and a half, old. We think he's a collie/golden retriever mix (known as "gollies" apparently!) Very well behaved, I've been able to get him to respond to a few basic commands already.

Overall he seems pretty happy, lots of room to run around and plenty of critters to bark at. His favorite thing is to bury *all* his bones under the leaves - come spring we'll probably find them all over the place!

JD true to form, disapproves the acquirement of a new pet; however as long as I keep him in treats, he's decided that Shelby can stay :)


californiablue said...

What a beautiful dog, and a very handsome bunny :) Best of luck with your new addition!

maninthemoonherbs said...

He is a handsome fellow! Congrats on the new family member. : )