I'm on the front page of iCraft!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How awesome is this! Made the front page of iCraft today - those are my earrings on the top left! I'm so excited!

For anyone unfamiliar with iCraft, it is a Canadian based website that allows artisans to set up online stores via their website. I've not been on there too long, so I'm still uploading new items, but I really like using the site! So now I have two great places (Etsy and iCraft) to sell online!

So go check it out -> http://icraft.ca/bijoutery


Dulce said...

Congrats to you on making it on the front page on Icraft. I made it on the front page on Etsy this morning and the monkey that was on it sold.
Thank you for checking out my blog today. I am still waiting to here from the bride to send me pictures of the wedding. I will post them on my blog when I get them, Someone left me a comment on my blog that attended the wedding and she said my monkeys were a big hit. I am so happy. See you on Etsy Dulce