In the works...

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Just a sneak peak of some of the things I'm working on this weekend...

First off here's a quick snapshot of my indoor work area (I have a separate one out in the shed for metal smithing stuff).  Most of my beads and findings are in those labeled drawers, with excess stuff in other containers.  For a limited space, it works pretty well.

Here's some of the jewelry I'm currently working on. I have a bracelet of pink (dyed) quartz and gray pearls, which is almost finished, the ends just need to be done.  In front are several pairs of earrings I'm working on, of fire opal, amethyst, and tourmaline.

A closer look at the earrings, and what they'll eventually look like. I'm doing a color scheme with these fire opals, from white to red.  The amethyst will be all purple, and the tourmaline will be in pink, green, and black.

I'll edit this later with the links to my shop once they're available!  However if you're interested in a pair, just contact me to reserve some!  The fire opals will especially be limited in this particular color scheme!