Nature's Wonders - Moths!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I find new and amazing things every day in the yard. Lately I've found all kinds of beautiful moths I've never seen before and wanted to share :)

This pretty little guy was unfortunatly attacked by a bird, and lost one of his wings. I've never seen such a colorful moth before, and was such a cute little guy. I watched him wander around the porch for awhile before he tottered off.

I thought this was was pretty neat looking, with his browns, greens, and cream colors, he definitely blended in with the plants!

Another pretty moth, with black and white colors, with an orange face.  He spent the morning resting on the trash can lid before flying off.

These two pretty moths were found on top of the air conditioning unit one morning after a cold snap.  I feared they had died, and brought them in to show mum, when to my surprise they began wiggling around!  I placed them in a pot with one of my plants, and let them warm up for awhile. When they started walking around a bit and it had warmed up outside, I took them both back out where they hung out with the plants for awhile enjoying the sun.