Friday Favorites - FrancesByrne

Friday, July 25, 2008
Friday Favorites are back, with the beautiful paintings by FrancesByrne.

This painting, "Purple Haze", was the first one of Frances' that I saw on Etsy. It immediatly drew me in, reminding me of some of the medieval and ancient horse art I've seen before, but with its own uniqueness to it.

This is simply my favorite painting thus far. It has an almost ethereal quality that I find captivating, and I love the subtle range of color used as well.

In addition to horses, Frances also paints other animals as well as very intricate and spectacular celtic art. You can even request a customized print of your name, with the first letter done in a Book of Kells inspired style - what a great gift idea for someone!

Stop in and visit FrancesByrne's store for your own unique piece of animal or celtic inspired art!


kim* said...

the art makes me want to grow my hair long and work at Medival Times as a wench haha and work my way up to be a knight so i can ride a white horse.

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Very nice pick for a Friday...nice art!