Friday Favorites - Trollflings!

Friday, July 4, 2008
Trolls, and Goblins, and Fairies - oh my! This weeks feature is the art by Amber Matthies, the creator of Trollflings, Miniature Troll Art Dolls!

I was introduced to Amber's work by my friend Sara when she bought a pumpkin pin similar to this one. I knew I just had to see this shop for myself!

Amber's work is amazing! All kinds of little creatures just waiting for a home - this little bunny fairy of course caught my eye!

Being a geologist I also adore these little animated stones :) Her work brings a smile to your face regardless if its a little pouty tree, a cute baby fairy, or a mischiveous dragon. Each creation is unique and special - a real treat for anyone to have!

You can also visit Amber's blog or her website for even more cool creations!

Be sure to stop in her store at Etsy and adopt one of these adorable little ones for yourself!