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Friday, June 6, 2008
A brand new series of blogs featuring some of my favorite items from fellow artisans! To start, this week features some of my favorites from Nakisha at

This was the very first item of Nakisha's that I saw on Etsy and being a bunny lover it caught my attention immediately! It's still one of my favorites, and reminds me of my little rabbits and how they would love to frolic in a field of flowers :)

Being the science geek that I am this one also quickly became a favorite! Rabbits in Space - how awesome is that! Many of her images feature the "little white rabbit".

What really sets Nakisha's work apart I think is how the images come to life. Each one tells a story. You can easily imagine what is going on in each picture, what the animals may be thinking or if they could talk, say to one another. In this respect, Nakisha's work also reminds me of the imagery by Beatrix Potter, but with her own unique mark. I just love Nakisha's work!

Nakisha has a assortment of her work to pick from, including fine art prints, ACEOs, buttons, pendants, even a book of her work! She also does some very fun and neat wire sculpture as well. Her work can also be found at her website

So be sure to stop by Nakisha's shop to get your own "little white rabbit" work of art!


pinkeareddog said...

How charming! I especially love Crossing the Lake. It looks like an illustration from a fable I've not heard yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Bluedogrose on Etsy; I've bought about half a dozen of her bunny ACEOs. Seriously some of the most ridiculously cute buns I've ever seen. Very talented artist!