Fun with Organic Chemistry

Thursday, June 5, 2008
So I took on the Mad Scientists of Etsy Team challenge of Organic Chemistry for May, and it was a challenge let me tell you! Organic chemistry is the study of chemical compounds containing carbon and hydrogen. Chemists often use a sort of 'short-hand' to represent how chemicals look. Carbon for instance can form a ring, often with hydrogen attached - when there are six of these carbons they are usually represented by a simple hexagon. Hence the inspriration for my item!

This pendant is about 2.5" long, and has a very cool looking Bronzite stone bead in the middle that moves!

I created a pendant out of 16 ga copper wire that I shaped, then wire wrapped a very fine gauge wire around it. Suspended in the middle is a hexagonal cut Bronzite stone bead. What I love about this pendant is that the Bronzite bead moves from side to side or even spins! My fingers have never been so sore - not even after a day long rock hunt! Wire wrappers I think you definitely don't have to worry about me - I can't see me doing it that often, lol The pendant can be found in my Etsy store here.

A length of soft brown sude cord really compliments the pendant and works well with the color scheme.

The team had quite the response to this challenge! So many that we ended up with not one but two treasuries on Etsy!

The first of two treasuries which can be found here.

The team's second treasury, featuring challenge items as well as a few other fun items from the team as we didn't have quite enough for the second treasury. Check it out here!


Anonymous said...

What a cool pendant and what a cool idea!