I am such a mean mommy...

Monday, June 16, 2008
...but I can't help but take more pictures, even though I'm *supposed* to be taking new pics of my jewelry. JD of course isn't so appreciative of his nap time being interrupted...

*What part of go away do you not understand?*

He also has a fascination for the camera - that or he figures if he smears it with his nose I can't take any more photos... hmm....

*I thought you WANTED a close up?*

My favorite cute thing he's recently developed is trying to clean his toes and ears while laying down on his side - poor thing is so tuckered out he can't get up to do it!

*Well if someone didn't wear me out taking photos....*

Of course he eventually gets up and gives me one of two looks - either the 'what is the crazy human doing now?' look, or the 'I so deserve treats for putting up with you' look :D

*What are you looking at?*