Friday Favorites - Figurative Paper

Friday, June 13, 2008
A new feature this week, of the work by Rachael DiRenna, who sells her work on Etsy at

This work is what first caught my attention and drew me in to Rachel's store. It instantly reminded me of the Ents (tree folk) from Lord of the Rings, and is one of my favorites.

Another great work of hers is this sculpture entitled "Joined". Its a very poignant piece, that evokes a lot of complex emotion.

I think this is brought about with her eye for detail and the way she breaths life into her creations. They may appear fantastical, but each one is so life-like you could almost imagine them moving, perhaps out of the corner of your eye and leaving you wondering :)

Rachel creates these unique sculptures with paper mache that she makes herself from recycled paper. In addition to sculptures, she offers prints and cards of her work which is a great way for someone to own a little piece of her work! You can see more of her work at her blog at

Be sure to stop by Figurative Paper on Etsy - this is some amazing artwork you'll be sorry to miss out on if you don't!