Friday Favorites - knittingkneedle

Saturday, June 28, 2008
This week's Friday Favorites showcases the work of knittingkneedle on Etsy.

If this doesn't catch your attention I don't know what can! I did a triple take when I first saw knittingkneedle's crocheted dinosaur skull - admittedly it appeals to the geologist side of me :) But what an amazing and creative piece of work! (While I wish many sales for knittingkneedle, I can't help but not-so-secretly wish this will still be available for me to one day purchase! I would love to be a professor with that in my office, lol)

Another really cool item is this sabertooth tiger skull! What I really appreciate about knittingkneedle's work is how unique, inventive, creative, and just plain fun it is! It shows just how much of an art form crochet can be - and what a great inspiration for beginners!

Hey, in art anything is possible right? Even inter-species dino love :D
As you can see knittingkneedle also has smaller creations available for you to enjoy - some naughty, some silly, all great! Be sure to stop by and visit at


Anonymous said...

What wonder and unique ideas for knitting. I have yet to finish a scarf

Bijoutery said...

lol, neither have I! I have two I'm working on right now :)