Friday Favorites - EmilyBalivet

Friday, June 20, 2008
This week features the mythological artwork of Emily Balivet on Etsy at

I found Emily's work when I came across her medieval alphabet art. She has created little works of art for ever letter - each one truly unique and amazing! How fun these cards are!

Her "Twelve Women with Birds" print is one of my favorites. It's just such a rich image with the vibrant colors and detailed patterns that bring life to her work. All of her work is truly stunning - her medival work could readily fit in with any exhibit of medieval style art. She also has numerous works with more mythological and goddess imagery that are beautiful and intriguing.

Another example of the detail and brilliant use of color - this work just has such a great sense of depth and movement. Every time I look at her artwork I feel like I see something new every time - I never get tired of looking through her store! In addition to original paintings, she also sells ACEOs, prints, and cards of her work, as well as custom items. A collection of Emily's work is also available on her portfolio at

Be sure to check out this favorite of mine for some truly stunning work!


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate her use of such pretty colors and the use of mythological characters. It is nice to see something that has been so well done.